‘Her booke’
Early Modern
Women and their
Books at Lambeth
Palace Library

Opens 1 July


200 Years of women’s
Ministry & AGENCY

9 APRIL – 29 AUGUST 2024

Previous Exhibitions

Reformation Cardinal

Reginald Pole in sixteenth-century
Italy and England
5 October – 15 December 2023

Moral & Material Decay
Four centuries of the Court of Arches
Moral & Material Decay invited you to peer into the courtroom of the Province of Canterbury’s most senior ecclesiastical court. This exhibition explored some of the themes that dominated the court and illuminated social relations and practices over four hundred years.

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Cantate Domino
Music in the Lambeth Palace Library Collections
The exhibition featured the Arundel Choirbook, Sion College’s illuminated York Breviary, and sermon notes pertinent to the composition of the hymn “Amazing Grace”, celebrating its 250th. These were displayed alongside other examples of music in the Library’s collections.

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‘A Declaration of our hopes for the future’
Coronations from the middle ages to the present day
To mark the coronation of King Charles III, Lambeth Palace and Lambeth Palace Library collections brought you an exhibition of materials relating to previous coronations from that of Henry I in 1100 to that of our new sovereign.

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Enslavement: Voices from the Archives
The exhibition accompanied the Church Commissioners’ public report on historic links between Queen Anne’s Bounty (one of the Church Commissioners’ predecessors) and transatlantic chattel slavery.

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Collecting During Covid
This exhibition highlighted the Library’s acquisitions. Recent arrivals build on the Library’s strengths in the fields of devotional literature, topographical writings and the evolution of religious libraries. The acquisitions range from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, many purchased with the assistance of the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library.
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Layers of Lambeth: A look at the collections
This exhibition drew on the Library’s rich holdings of prints, maps and plans to give an insight into how Lambeth has changed from the 17th to the 19th century. Following Lambeth’s rural to urban transformation, this provides an interesting contrast in presenting the post-war ‘village concept’ in modern London.
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From Popish Plot to Civil Rights
This exhibition highlights a range of subjects covered by the Library’s diverse collections of religious archives.
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Treasures from the Collections II
This exhibition highlighted treasures from the Lambeth Palace Library collection.
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Treasures from the Collections I
This exhibition highlighted treasures from the Lambeth Palace Library collection.
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