Collections A-Z list


The following provides a selective list of archive and printed collections. For fuller information about Library holdings, please search the library catalogues.


Advisory Boards for Moral Welfare – Administrative records of the various Advisory Boards for Moral Welfare, comprising minutes, reports and publications. (ABMW)

Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry – Papers of the ACCM Council and Committees whose function was ‘to promote the most effective ministry, both of men and women, in the service of the Church’. (ACCM)

Albums of images of churches – Set of albums of engravings and photographs of churches, UK and overseas. (ALBUMS)

Alfred Green collection – Notebooks with notes and drawings relating to church architecture. (GREEN)

Alternative Service Book – Records of the Committee of the Alternative Service Book: meeting minutes and documents; correspondence with publishers. (ASB)

Anglican and Eastern Churches Association – Minutes and papers of the Association and its predecessors. (MS 4735-4767)

Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commissions – Core series of numbered papers, as well as formal statements e.g. drafts, working papers, press releases, etc. (ARCIC)

Anglican-Methodist Conversations – Papers relating to dialogue between the Church of England and the Methodist Church. (MS 4208-4219)

Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions – Numbered papers from the discussions, including minutes and statements. (AOJDD)

Anglo-Continental Society – Correspondence and papers of, and relating to, the Anglo-Continental Society. (MS 2908-2925)

Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Urban Priority Areas – ACUPA’s aim was to investigate the situation faced by people living in inner cities and housing estates, including issues such as unemployment, education, crime and health. (ACUPA)

Archbishops’ Commission to Revise the Psalter – The Archbishops’ Commission to Revise the Psalter was set up with the purpose of revising Coverdale’s edition of the psalter in order to make it more understandable and accessible. (ACRP)

Archbishop’s Mission to the Assyrian Christians – Correspondence of the Archbishops of Canterbury under whose auspices the mission fell during the period 1879-1931, principally with the secretary of the Mission, and with the missionaries. (AM)

Archbishops’ Papers – The official correspondence and papers of the Archbishop of Canterbury, covering a broad range of subjects.

Archbishops’ Registers – Records of the Archbishop’s administration from 1279 onwards.


Bacon, Anthony (1558-1601) – Papers of Anthony Bacon, private secretary for foreign affairs to Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex. (MS 647-662)

Beauvoir, William (1669-1725) – Papers of the Revd. William Beauvoir, including material relating to the Gallican church. (MS 1552-1558)

Bell, George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958) – Correspondence and diaries of George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, which include extensive material on the German churches before and after World War II. (Bell)

Benson, Edward White (1829-1896) – Official correspondence and papers. A significant proportion concerns the diocese of Canterbury. (Benson)

Birkbeck, William John (1859-1916) – The collection of William John Birkbeck, theologian and scholar concerned with Russian Church history. (Birkbeck)

Bishops’ Meetings Records – Minutes of meetings of diocesan and suffragan bishops in England and Wales. (BM)

Blyth, George Francis Popham (1832-1914) – Papers of George Francis Popham Blyth, Bishop of the Church of England in Jerusalem. (MS 2227-2237)

Board for Mission and Unity – The Board was set up to advise the General Synod and the dioceses on the Church’s responsibility for mission and unity. (BMU)

Board for Social Responsibility – Archive of the Board established to promote and co-ordinate the thought and action of the Church in matters affecting family, social and industrial life. (BSR)

British Council of Churches – Archive of interfaith body set up to facilitate common action by the churches in evangelistic enterprise, in promotion of international friendship, in stimulating a sense of social responsibility and in guiding the activities of the churches for the welfare of youth. (BCC)

Bulstrode, Edward Gordon (1885-1953) – Correpondence and papers of Edward Gordon Bulstrode, better known as Brother Edward, evangelist. (MS 3828-3860)

Burdett-Coutts, Angela Georgina (1814-1906) – Papers of Angela Georgina Burdett-Coutts, Baroness Burdett-Coutts of Highgate and Brookfield (1871). (MS 1374-1388)

Burge Memorial Trust – The Burge Memorial Trust was set up in 1926 to commemorate the international work of the late Dr Burge (formerly Bishop of Oxford); (BMT)

Buxton, Dorothy Francis (1881-1963) – Papers of Dorothy Frances Buxton, wife of Charles Roden Buxton, concerning the persecution of the German Churches and the development of a Nazi philosophy of religion. (MS 2651-2655)


Canon Basil Clarke Collection – This collection contains material concerning the architecture and architects of Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, predominately in England and Wales but also in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. (CLARKE)

Carew, George (1555-1629) – Papers of Sir George Carew collected whilst he was President of Munster, relating to Ireland. (MS 596-638)

Carpenter-Garnier, Mark Rodolph (1881-1969) – Volumes of sermons, retreat addresses and notes. (MS 4985-5027)

Cartae Antiquae et Miscellaneae (Lambeth Charters) – Charters dating from the 12th century, for example relating to archiepiscopal estates and the appointment of officials. (CM)

Central Advisory Council for the Ministry – Papers of the Council, Sub-Committees and Working Parties. (CACM)

Central Advisory Council of Training for the Ministry – Papers of the Council and its Committees. Includes minutes of meetings, documents and correspondence. (CACTM)

Central Board of Missions – Minutes of the Board and Sub-Committee meetings, and publications produced by the Board. (CBM)

Central Readers’ Board – Includes records generated by the Board’s foundation and its operational activities. Also includes meeting papers, photographs and artefacts. (CRB)

Choir Benevolent Fund – Records of the Choir Benevolent Fund, a friendly society founded in 1851 for organists and lay clerks connected with cathedral and collegiate choirs, and for the relief of their widows and orphans. (TCBF)

Christian Action – Papers of Christian Action, founded in 1946 at the instigation of Canon John Collins (1905-1982) to promote Christian involvement in social issues and political life. (MS 4445-4454)

Christian Faith Society – Papers of the Society, which was founded in 1691 for the promotion of Christianity overseas. (CFS)

Church Assembly Council for Ecumenical Co-Operation – Includes Council administrative papers, Secretary’s correspondence and the papers of the various bodies which were involved in the Anglican-Presbyterian Conversations. (CACEC)

Church Commissioners for England – Archive of a body which administers the property assets of the Church of England. (CC)

Church Defence Institution – Institution formed in 1859 with the aim of defending the Church of England against attacks from Nonconformists. (CDI)

Church Estates Commissioners – Formed by adding three additional laymen to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, to be known as the Church Estates Commissioners. (CEC)

Church Information Office – The Office provided information services required by the Convocations, the Church Assembly (later General Synod) and other Church organisations and bodies. (CIO)

Church of England Council for Empire Settlement – Includes various committees’ minutes; annual reports; operational registers; agreements; correspondence. (CECES)

Church of England Purity Society – The papers comprise minute books and the Society’s monthly paper, ‘The Vanguard’. (CEPS)

Church of England Sunday School Institute – The Institute was created in 1843 to increase the means of communications between Sunday School Teachers. (SSI)

Church Of England Temperance Society – Minutes, including material relating to the central/national police court missions (MS 2030-2073)

Church Reform League – Includes minutes books, accounts and publications. (CRL)

Church Society – Papers of the Society and its predecessor bodies, the Church Association and National Protestant League. (CS)

Church Union – The Union was founded in 1860 with the aim of defending and propagating high church principles. (CU)

Clergy Pensions Institution – Volumes of signed minute books recording the meetings of the Clergy Pensions Institution. (CPI)

Cleverly – Folder with 19th c. photographs showing architecture of English cathedrals and churches. (CLEVERLY)

Coggan, Donald (1909-2000) – Official papers from Coggan’s period as Archbishop of Canterbury (1974-1979), and further material covering his periods as Principal of the London College of Divinity, Bishop of Bradford and Archbishop of York. (Coggan)

College of Preachers – Minutes and other papers of organisation promoting preaching ministry across Christian denominations. (COP)

Commission of the Churches on International Friendship & Social Responsibility – Includes records generated by the Council’s foundation and also its financial and operational activities (CCIFSR)

Commonwealth Records – Records of ecclesiastical administration during the Commonwealth period (1649-1660). (COMM)

Community of St Andrew – The Community of St Andrew was founded in 1861 with Elizabeth Ferard as the first deaconess. (CSA)

Community of the Holy Rood – Papers of the Community of the Holy Rood (formerly known as the Christ Church Sisterhood), founded in 1858 in Coatham by Mrs Teresa Newcomen. (MS 3917-3969)

Convocation of Canterbury – Papers of the ancient legislative assembly of the province of Canterbury. (Conv)

Cornwallis, Frederick (1713-1783) – Correspondence and papers of Frederick Cornwallis (1713-1783), Archbishop of Canterbury 1768-1783. (CORNWALLIS)

Corporation of Church House – The collection contains materials relating to the formation and operation of the Corporation of Church House (CCH)

Council for the Care of Churches – Archive of the Council responsible for advising on the care, use and development of churches, their contents and churchyards. (CARE)

Council on Foreign Relations – Records of the Council on Foreign Relations, responsible for relations with other Churches from 1933 onwards. (CFR)

Council on the Christian Faith and Common Life – Includes records generated by the Council’s foundation and also its financial and operational activities. (CCFCL)

Court of Arches – Papers of the court of appeal of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (Arches)


Davidson, Randall Thomas (1848-1930); Baron Davidson – Papers covering Archbishop Davidson’s whole life. (Davidson)

de Candole, Henry Handley Vully (1895-1971) – Diaries of Henry Handley Vully de Candole, Suffragan Bishop of Knaresborough. (MS 3072-3093)

Dibdin, Lewis Tonna (1852-1938) – Papers of Sir Lewis Tonna Dibdin, ecclesiastical lawyer, judge, administrator and historian. (MS 1586-1589)

Doctors’ Commons – An association or college of ecclesiastical lawyers in existence from 1511-1857. (DC)

Douglas, John Albert (1868-1956) – Papers of Canon J.A.Douglas, Hon General Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations. (Douglas)

Dudley-Smith, Timothy (1926-) – Working papers of Timothy Dudley-Smith relating to his two volume biography of John Stott. (TDS )


Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England – The Ecclesiastical Commissioners, created in 1836, were authorised to determine a fairer distribution of Church revenues. (ECE)

Ecclesiastical Courts Commission – The Commission was appointed in 1830 to enquire into the procedures and operations of the Ecclesiastical Courts. (ECC)

Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues Commission – The Commission was appointed in 1835 to consider the state of the revenues of dioceses in England and Wales. (EDR)

Ecclesiastical Law Association (ELA) – Records of the Ecclesiastical Law Association and its predecessor the Association of Bishops’ Secretaries and Registrars. (ELA)

Eeles Collection – Collection of Francis Carolus Eeles. (MS 1501-1551)

Ellison, Gerald Alexander (1910-1992) – Papers including material as Bishop of London. (Ellison)

English Hymnal Company – Minutes Books, Cash Books and a collection of letters and papers regarding the English Hymnal Company. (EHC)

Episcopal and Capitular Revenues Commission – The Commission created in 1849 to examine the issue of the management of the properties of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and those owned by various Ecclesiastical preferments such as the estates of the bishops and cathedrals. (ECRC)

Episcopi Vagantes – Papers generated by Lambeth Palace, documenting monitoring and information-sharing about episcopi vagantes, some on a collaborative/ecumenical basis. (EV)

Estate Documents – Records of the Archbishops’ estates, particularly for Kent, Sussex and Surrey. (ED)


Faculty Office – The Faculty Office has, since 1533, issued licences and dispensations, such as for holding benefices in plurality and for marriages. (F)

Fairhurst Collection – Papers concerning the history of the Church of England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. (MS 2000-2019)

Fisher, Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972) – Papers consisting primarily of Fisher’s official correspondence as archbishop of Canterbury. (Fisher)

Fulham Papers: papers of the Bishops of London – Official papers of several Bishops of London, transferred from Fulham Palace. (FP)

Furse, Charles Wellington (1821-1900) – Correspondence of Charles Wellington Furse, Archdeacon of Westminster 1894-1900. (MS 4096-4133)


Gibson, Edmund (1669-1748) – Papers belonging to Edmund Gibson, Lambeth Librarian and later Bishop of London. (MS 929-942)

Girls’ Diocesan Association – Minutes and other papers relating to the Girls’ Diocesan Association. (MS 3140-3145)

Gladstone, William Ewart (1809-1898) – Diaries of William Ewart Gladstone, statesman. (MS 1416-1455)

Golightly, Charles Pourtales (1807-1885) – Correspondence of the Rev. Charles Pourtales Golightly (1807-1885) mainly concerning opposition to the Tractarian Movement in the University and Diocese of Oxford. (MS 1804-1811; MS 4278-4283)

Gordon Lansdown Barnes Collection – Gordon Lansdown Barnes was an ecclesiologist, a local historian and an architectural photographer with national reputation. (BARNES)

Goyder, George Armin (1908-1997) – Papers of George Goyder, mainly covering his involvement and work with the Church Assembly and its successor body the General Synod, and other Christian organisations including the Nationwide Festival of Light. (MS 4955-4971)

Greek Manuscripts – Dating from the 10th to the 19th centuries the collection consists of fifty-five manuscripts acquired by the Library since its founding in 1610. (MS 1175-1207)

Guild of Health – Records of the Guild of Health relating to the Christian ministry of healing. (GOH)

Guild of St. Barnabas – Archives of the Guild of St. Barnabas, an association for Anglican nurses. (GSB)

Guild of St. Raphael – Records of the Guild of St Raphael relating to the Christian ministry of healing. (GSR)


H. Sanderson Stewart Collection – 13 albums with black and white photographs with captions on fonts. (STEWART)

Harper papers – Papers of Michael Claude Harper including material relating to the charismatic movement and ordination of women. (Harper)

Headlam, Arthur Cayley (1862-1947) – Papers of Arthur Cayley Headlam, Bishop of Gloucester. (MS 2615-2650)

Henry H. Willmore Collection – Notes made by Henry H. Willmore on church spires and stone coffins. (HHW)

Herring, Thomas (1693-1757) – Papers of Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury 1747-57. (HERRING)

Historic Churches Preservation Trust – Papers of the Trust’s organising committees and material relating to its Trustees. (HCPT)

HM Commissioners for Building New Churches (Church Building Commission) – Church Building Commission was founded promoting the building of additional churches in populous parishes in the expanding cities and towns of England and Wales. (CBC)

Hospital Chaplaincies Council – Council created in 1946 to enquire into the Church’s ministration to mentally ill people in institutions. (HCC)

House of Bishops – Administrative records of the House of Bishops and its sub-committees. (HB)

Howley, William (1766-1848) – Papers of William Howley, Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury. (MS 2184-2213)


Incorporated Church Building Society – Papers relating to applications and grants for the building and restoration of churches throughout England and Wales from 1818-1982. (ICBS)

Incorporated Free and Open Church Association – The association’s work was focussed on persuading the church to abolish the custom of allowing worshippers to rent and appropriate pews. (IFOCA)

Industrial Christian Fellowship – Records of the Industrial Christian Fellowship, originating in the Navvy Mission Society, founded by Elizabeth Garnett in 1877 to work amongst railway construction workers. (MS 4003-4095)


J.G. Taylor Scrapbook – Scrapbook with images of church architecture created by J.G. Taylor, church architecture historian. (TAYLOR)

Jenkins, Claude (1877–1959) – Papers of Claude Jenkins, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Oxford, and sometime Lambeth Librarian. (MS 1590-1679)

Joint Liturgical Group – Minutes and memoranda of the Joint Liturgical Group, an ecumenical body in the field of liturgical development. (JLG)

Julian Hubbard Collection – Six albums of photographs (including notes) on fonts. (HUBBARD)


Keble family – Papers of Revd John Keble and relatives such as Thomas Keble. (Keble)

Kirk, Kenneth Escott (1886-1954) – Correspondence and papers of Kenneth Escott Kirk, Bishop of Oxford. (MS 4341-4355)

Kettlewell Sermons – Copies of sermons, attributed to John Kettlewell (1653-1695).


Lambeth Conferences – Records of the ten-yearly meetings of bishops of the Anglican Communion, first held in 1867. (LC)

Lambeth Diploma in Theology – Papers relating to the Diploma’s organising committees, students and examinations. (LD)

Lang, Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945) – Papers covering the whole of Archbishop Lang’s life, although the bulk of the material comprises his official correspondence at Canterbury. (Lang)

Lee, George (1700-58) and Lee, John (1783-1866) – Papers of Sir George Lee (1700-58), and of Dr. John Lee (1783-1866). (MS 2873-2880)

Library Records – Records of the history of Lambeth Palace Library. (LR)

Longley family – Papers of Archbishop Longley and other members of the Longley family. (MS 1838-1845)

Longley, Charles Thomas (1794-1868) – Papers of Archbishop Longley. (Longley)

Lord Wharton’s Charity – Charity founded in 1692 for the purchase of bibles, catechisms and other books for poor children. (LWC)


Manuscripts – The Library’s manuscript collections, dating from the 9th century to the 20th century, include some 600 medieval manuscripts (illuminated, liturgical, biblical, patristic and devotional works), as well as collections of papers of notable churchmen and societies. (MSS)

Marriage Commission – This collection includes correspondence files on the subjects of marriage and divorce. (MRC)

McCulloch, Joseph (1908-1990) – Papers of Reverend Joseph McCulloch, Rector of St. Mary le Bow, Southwark, and previously Rector of St. Mary’s, Warwick and Chatham, Kent. (McCulloch)

Missionary and Ecumenical Council of the Church Assembly (MECCA) – The Missionary and Ecumenical Council was formed by the Church Assembly in 1963, to continue and develop the work of the Overseas Council (OC) and the Council for Ecumenical Co-operation (CACEC). (MEC)

Missionary Council of the Church Assembly/Overseas Council of the Church Assembly – Records of the Council and its staff. Includes minutes of meetings of the Council and its sub-committees, reports and documents, correspondence, pamphlets and brochures, and financial records. (MC)

Modern Churchpeople’s Union – Records of the Modern Churchpeople’s Union (M.C.U.), founded in 1898 as the Churchmen’s Union for the Advancement of Liberal Religious Thought. (MS 4457-4471)

Montefiore, Hugh William (1920-2005) – Papers of Hugh Montefiore, Bishop of Birmingham. (Monte)

Moore, John (1730-1805) – Papers of John Moore, Archbishop of Canterbury 1783-1805. (MOORE)

Moorman, John Richard Humpidge (1905-1989) – Diaries of John Richard Humpidge Moorman, Bishop of Ripon 1921-88. (MS 3616-3676)

Moral Welfare Council – Includes minutes, correspondence, papers, periodicals and annual reports of the Council. (MWC)

Mothers’ Union – Central archive of the Mothers’ Union, founded in 1876 to promote the sanctity of marriage and Christian family life. (MU)

Mowbray, Wippell and Warham Guild – This collection comprises designs and photographs of completed works by church furnishers Mowbray, Wippell and Warham. (MWWG)


National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education – The Society was created in 1811 to promote church schools and Christian education in line with the established church. (NS)

Nationwide Initiative on Evangelism (NIE) – An initiative established to stimulate local evangelism in the UK nations. (NIE)

Neale, John Mason (1818-1866) – Correspondence and papers of the Rev. John Mason Neale. (MS 2677-2684; MS 3107-3118)

Newton, John (1725-1807) – Letters and papers of John Newton, evangelical divine and friend of William Cowper. (MS 2935-2943)

Nikaean Club – Papers relating to the Nikaean Club, 1925-2008. (NC)

Notitia Parochialis – Parochial returns from 1500 incumbents to an enquiry into the value of benefices in 1705. (MS 960-965)


Order of St Elizabeth of Hungary (OSEH) – Papers of the Order of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, founded around 1916 by Elizabeth Ann Hodges (1869-1960). (MS 3862-3893)

Ordination Candidates Exhibition Fund – Minutes of meetings, Annual Reports and lists of candidates applying for and in receipt of funding. (OCEF)

Overseas Bishoprics’ Fund – The Overseas Bishopric Fund was created in 1841 to endow bishoprics in the British colonies (OBF)


Palmer family, Earls of Selborne – Papers of Roundell Palmer, 1st Earl of Selborne, and members of his family. (MS 1861-1906)

Papal Documents – Papal bulls and rescripts which came to the Library following the dissolution of the monasteries. (PD)

Papers of Canon Alfred Lambert Woodard – The archive of Canon Woodard relates largely to the Anglican Church’s role in education and religious instruction. (ALW)

Papers of Dr. Francis Carolus Eeles – Dr Eeles transcribed liturgical texts; collected books and manuscripts; studied church buildings and ornaments; compared liturgical practice in different places and periods; and was an authorised Lay Reader. (FCE)

Parochial Mission Women’S Association – Minutes of the Parochial Mission Women’s Association. (MS 1682-1693A)

Periodicals & Serials – The Library collects more that 120 periodicals & serials and has several hundred other historic periodical titles. Hard copies of the most recent issues of 40 selected periodicals are available for users in our Reading Room.

Philip Usher Memorial Fund – Papers relating to the Fund’s work in enabling students to spend time overseas. (PUMF)

Photographs – A collection of black and white photographs of churches, abbeys and cathedrals across 25 English counties and 2 cities in Italy. (BROADBENT)

Photographs of Lambeth Palace garden by Sue Snell – 35mm photographic slides of the Lambeth Palace grounds, gardens and surrounding area. (SNELL)

Plans of the See of Canterbury’s Estates – Set of early 19th century, hand drawn and coloured plans showing estates of the See of Canterbury. (CAN)

Potter, John (1674-1747) – Papers of John Potter, Archbishop of Canterbury 1737-47. (POTTER)

Prints & Graphic Materials – The Library has a collection of over 5,000 prints most of which are catalogued online. Particular strengths include views of churches and cathedrals, including many of Canterbury Cathedral and views of Lambeth Palace and its environs. The collection is also strong in satirical material relating to Church of England personnel and events in the Church’s history, and in portraits of of eminent persons, particularly ecclesiastical portraits.

Prison Chaplains Council – The Council acted as a liaison between the Church of England and the Prison Commissioners on all questions relating to spiritual ministration in prisons, borstals and remand and detention centres. (PCC)

Printed Books – The collection contain some 120,000 books and 40,000 pamphlets, relating, but not exclusively, to the history of the Church of England and its relation with other Churches in Great Britain and overseas. The core of the early printed books collection was bequeathed by the Library’s founder Archbishop Bancroft in 1610.


Queen Victoria Clergy Fund – The Fund was formed to raise support and funds both from diocesan bodies and the laity to augment the incomes of poor clergy. (QVCF)


Ramsey, Arthur Michael (1904-1988) – Papers of Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury 1961-1974. (Ramsey)

Records of Parish and People – Papers of Canon Peter Croft, Henry de Candole, Bishop of Knaresborough, Bishop Hewlett Thompson and Reverend Dr. David Thomson relating to the Parish and People movement. (PAP)

Records of the Liturgical Commission – Includes records generated by the Commission’s activities: mainly memoranda, correspondence and meeting papers. (LTC)

Riley, John Athelstan Laurie (1858-1945) – Correspondence and papers of John Athelstan Laurie Riley, usually known as Athelstan Riley. Includes general correspondence, correspondence with Archbishops of Canterbury, their chaplains, and other churchmen such as the Earls of Selborne. (MS 2343-2411; MS 3398-3401)

Root, Howard Eugene (1926-2007) – Papers include lectures, essays, sermons and reviews by Howard Root throughout his career. Much of the correspondence, press clippings, pamphlets, and photographs within the Root papers concern relations between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches. (Root)

Royal Commission On Ecclesiastical Discipline – Papers of the Commission, which was appointed in 1904 and reported in 1906. (RCED)

Runcie, Robert Alexander Kennedy (1921-2000) – Papers of Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury 1980-91. (Runcie)


Secker, Thomas (1693-1768) – Correspondence and papers of Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury 1758-68. (SECKER)

Secker, Thomas (1693-1768) – Sermons, notes, and some copies of letters in the hand of Archbishop Secker. (MS 1349-1350)

Sermons – A copy in a uniform hand of 48 sermons, many of which conclude with hymns, preached between 1672 and 1689. (Sermons)

Servants Of Christ The King – Minutes and papers of the Servants of Christ the King. (MS 4808-4816)

Shanghai Registers – Registers of marriages, baptisms, confirmations, and burials at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Shanghai, China, according to the rites of the Church of England. (MS 1564-1584)

Sheldon, Gilbert (1598-1677) – Correspondence and papers of Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury 1663-77. (SHELDON)

Sidney Coney Collection – Photographic collection of images of church architecture (external and internal) in Sussex and Kent. (CONEY)

Sidney Whitley Collection – Photographs of misericords carvings with index. (WHITLEY)

Sion College Manuscripts Collection – The Sion College manuscript collection includes material from the 11th to the 20th centuries, totaling some 300 volumes. (SionMSS)

Sion College Printed Books Collection – More than 15,000 records can now be viewed on the Library’s catalogue. The remaining 50,000 items are searchable in a card catalogue in the Library.

Social and Industrial Council – Council created in 1951 to bring to the attention of the Church Assembly social, industrial and economic questions. (SICL)

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel – Correspondence and papers, mostly relating to the church overseas and the establishment of episcopacy in America. (SPG)

Society For The Relief Of Poor Pious Clergymen – Society instituted in 1788 for the relief of country clergy. (SRPPC)

Society of St Francis – Records of international Franciscan religious order formed in the 1930s. (SSF)

Society of St John the Evangelist – Papers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist, an Anglican religious order for men founded in Oxford in 1866. (SSJE)

Society of St Willibrord – Correspondence and papers of the Anglican and Old Catholic Society of St. Willibrord, 1887, 1908-99, founded in 1908 to promote friendly relations between the Anglican and Old Catholic Churches. (MS 4480-4495)

Society of the Divine Compassion – Minutes and papers of the Society of the Divine Compassion, a society of priests, deacons and laymen committed to ideals akin to those of St. Francis, founded in 1894 by James Granville Adderley (1861-1942), Henry Rivington Chappel (1867-1913) and Henry Ernest Hardy (1869-1946). It was the first Anglican Franciscan community. (MS 4576-4611)

St. Gabriel’s College [Kennington Training College for Mistresses] – Includes records generated by the College’s academic work and extra-curricular activities. (SGC)

Stott, John Robert Walmsley (1921-2011) – Correspondence, travel diaries and organisation files relating to the life and work of John Stott, rector of All Souls, Langham Place, Chaplain to the Queen, and prominent evangelical leader. (Stott)

Surrey Clergy Relief Society – Papers on the relief of clergy in the dioceses of Southwark and Winchester. (MS 2508-2521)

Sutton, Charles Manners (1755-1828) – Correspondence and papers of Charles Manners Sutton, Archbishop of Canterbury 1805-1828. (MANNERS SUTTON)


Tait, Archibald Campbell (1811-1882) – Correspondence and papers covering the entire career of Archbishop Tait, from childhood to death. (Tait)

Talbot family, Earls of Shrewsbury – Papers of the Earls of Shrewsbury, from the 15th to the 17th centuries. (MS 694-710)

Temple, Frederick (1821-1902) – Papers of Archbishop Temple, primarily consisting of letters and papers addressed to the Archbishop or his chaplains. (F.Temple)

Temple, William (1881-1944) – Papers of William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury 1942-1944. (W.Temple)

Temporalities – Records of the administration of the historic estates of the Archbishop of Canterbury. (T)

Tenison, Thomas (1636-1715) – Correspondence and papers of Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury 1695-1715. (Tenison)

The Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy – Queen Anne’s Bounty was a scheme established in 1704 to augment the incomes of the poorer clergy of the Church of England. (QAB)

The Papers of Marjorie Milne – Marjorie Milne was a campaigner for Christian unity (MM)

The Revised Prayer Book – Incomplete set of transcripts of shorthand reports of debates in Church Assembly and in the Lower House of the Convocation of Canterbury on the revision of the Book of Common Prayer. (MS 2416-2440)

Third Order of St Francis – Records of the English Province of the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis. (TSSF)

Treacy, Eric (1907-1978) – Papers of Eric Treacy, Bishop of Pontefract 1961-68 and Bishop of Wakefield 1968-76. (MS 3566-3575)


United Boards of Missions of the Provinces of Canterbury and York – The Board was created to encourage engagement with missionary work and to explain the Church’s principles on the subject and to provide advice to colonial churches and missionary societies. (UBM)


Vacation Term for Biblical/Theological Study – Papers generated by the religious teaching charity. (VT)

Vicar General – Papers relating to the ecclesiastical administration of the province, diocese and peculiars of Canterbury. (V)

Victoria Diocesan Association and successors – Papers relating to Hong Kong and China. The Association supported the work of the Anglican church in Hong Kong and work with the Chinese community in Britain. (HK)


Wake family – Papers concerning William Wake (1657-1737), Archbishop of Canterbury, and his descendants. (MS 2931-2934)

Ward, Reginald Somerset (1881-1962) – Papers relating to Revd. Reginald Somerset Ward, spiritual director, and to the Road group which he directed. (MS 4134-4183)

White Cross League – The organisation was formed to undertake rescue and preventive work to combat prostitution. (WCL)

White, Frederick Anthony – Papers of Frederick Anthony White, treasurer of the French Committee of the Anglo-Continental Society, concerning Père Hyacinthe, Rector of the Gallican Catholic Church in Paris. (MS 1472-1482)

William Iveson Croome – Papers and correspondence of William Croome relating to church architecture. (WIC)

William Temple Association – Correspondence, reports, research papers and papers produced by various William Temple Association organs. (WTA)

Williams, Isaac (1802-1865) – Correspondence and papers of Isaac Williams, poet, theologian and tractarian. (MS 4473-4479)

Willis, John Jamieson (1872-1960) – Papers of John Jamieson Willis, Bishop of Uganda. (MS 2245-2320)

Wordsworth family – Papers of Christopher Wordsworth (1807-85), bishop of Lincoln; of Christopher Wordsworth (1774-1846), master of Trinity College, Cambridge; of John Wordsworth (1843-1911), bishop of Salisbury; of Charles Wordsworth (1806-92) bishop of St Andrews; of John Wordsworth (1805-1839), fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; and of other family members. (MS 1396-1401; MS 1822-1824; MS 1946; MS 2140-2151; MS 3436; MS 3768-3770)

World Alliance of International Friendship (British Section) – Includes Alliance’s meeting papers, reports, financial and operational records. (WAIF)



Young, Ivan Richard (1899-1982) – Correspondence and papers of Ivan Richard Young, Anglo-Catholic priest and ecumenist. (MS 4284-4296)